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rap or wrap?

“That’s a wrap!” is what a director says when filming is complete.

You can wrap a gift or wrap yourself in silk; your beloved might have you wrapped around his or her finger. But you don’t get a bad wrap (unless it’s at a sandwich shop)!

gets a bad wrap

Incorrect usage as seen on a website

In addition to referring to a style of music, rap is slang for an accusation of criminal activity:

“I’m not will to take the rap for something I didn’t do.”

(A rap sheet refers to a criminal record.)

A bad rap can refer to any kind of negative charge or reputation.

gets a bad rap

A “bad rap” or “bum rap” is a slang expression used in the US

Rap can also mean a sharp blow:

The judge rapped her gavel to quell the unrest in the courtroom.

“Rap on the door later and we can go for a walk.”

In conclusion:

Doug gets a bad rap for being too wrapped up in his work, but he’s very good at what he does.