For your convenience, here is an Index to posts about word usage. 

(You can also find these posts in the “Confusing Words” category.)

advance or advanced?

advice or advise?

affect or effect?

anytime or any time?

buck naked or butt naked?

capital or capitol?

compliment or complement?

comprised of

content or contented?

continual or continuous?

desert or dessert?

discrete or discreet?

dreamed or dreamt?

drier or dryer?

elicit or illicit?

emigrate or immigrate?

eminent or imminent?

ensure or insure?

evoke or invoke?

fictional or fictitious?

flyer or flier?

forward or foreword?

lead or led?

loan or borrow?

loose or lose?

mantel or mantle?

mowed or mown?

past or passed?

phosphorus or phosphorous?

premier or premiere?


rack or wrack?

rap or wrap?

shined or shone?

sulfur or sulphur?


“you and I” or “you and me”?

“if she was” and “if I were” (indicative/subjunctive, hypothetical)