advance or advanced?

I often see the word advanced used when advance would have been the correct choice.

From a website that should know better.

If you are selling tickets before a scheduled event, you are selling them in advance.

If you are an author and your publisher sends a preview copy of your next book to reviewers, it is an advance review copy.

If you have a disease that has progressed, it is at an advanced stage.

When advance refers to forward movement, it can be used as a noun or as a verb:

noun: Significant advances have been made in recent years.

verb: “We will advance at dawn,” the commander informed his troops.

The past tense of the verb form is advanced:

When Joan hesitated, her opponent advanced.

Noun and verb forms are also used when advance refers to payment:

noun: Tom received an advance after his book proposal was accepted.

verb: “I’ll see if the bank will advance me a loan.”

Here, too, the past tense of the verb would be advanced:

The bank advanced me a loan.

Advanced is an adjective:

Because of her advanced age, Simone was allowed to board first.

His views were too advanced to gain acceptance by the public.

“I’ll be taking Advanced Calculus next term, but I’m not sure I’m ready for it.”

Advance can also be used as an adjective:

“We received advance notice of the offer.”


Advanced tickets will go on sale February 14. X



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